Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Back in Action!

I got a new laptop @ work recently and have been transferring all the data from my old laptop - today I was moving all my old bookmarks and found the bookmark to my BLOG that I kinda started a year ago…yes…ME…I tried my hand at a blog…Round 1 was not too much of a success…I added about 4 entries...and then my laziness took precedence over my creative literary juices…. :)….

BUT…..I am going to try to give this a 2nd shot….and I am going to start with listing some of the key events in my life since October 2006 - my last post - (LISTS!! - I did mention that I was lazy didn't I?? :) )……

So…'s presenting…..Charanya's Life - Oct'06 - June'07……..

1. AT&T Half-Marathon Training with Rogue - Sept 06: My 1st step into becoming a Fitter Charanya and it didn't hurt that this was gonna raise $$ for Asha for Education!
2. Om-Kara's 1st Mega Show in Austin - Oct 06: One of the most successful shows I've ever planned!
3. EOY Vacation in Espana - Dec 06: 10 full days of sheer fun!
4. 3M Half-Marathon - Jan 07 - My 1st ever-half marathon which I finished strong along with my fab running partner G3!!
5. AT&T Half-Marathon - Feb 07: My Asha Training Target race....although I wasn't a half-marathon Rookie anymore...still felt like the 1st time!! Unbelievable spectator support!!
6. entrance - Feb 07: LOL..of course I had to include this one!! No success till date….BUT definitely tons of amusement! :)
7. Iron Chicks Training with Rogue - Mar 07: Apparently JUST running is not enough for me!!
8. "Vetti" Trip to San Diego - Mar 07: Gorgeous gorgeous city…You gotta love the ocean!!
9. Thyagaraja Aradhana Mar 07: Back on stage after many many many years belting Carnatic tunes!
10. Houston Drama - April 07: Bit role 1!
11. Eeyore's Birthday - April 07: My first attempt at vandalising random strangers!! haha...okok...actually I set up a Mehendi Stall with a friend!
12. Tamil Comedy Mazhai - Austin Drama - May 07: Bit roles 2 and 3 (After this I have officially become know as Bit Role Gujili)!
13. Trip to the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas - May 07: The GC was absolutely breathtaking and one of my best friends got propsed to at Hopi Point! YAY!!!
14. DC Marathon Training with Rogue - May 07: Yes - I think I was quite mad when I signed up for this one. But my running inspiration Anusha convinced me!!
15. Memorial Weekend - Trip to California - May 07: Wholesome Family Fun!! :)
16. A R Rahman Show - Jun 07: Fabulous show….fabulous music….some porikki actions from the stands!
17. Danskin Triathlon - Jun 07: One of the most fantastic races I've ever done - extremely inspiring and was all about GIRL POWER!!!
18. SIVAJI Release - Jun 07 - I can't believe I've watched this THREE times!!! :) This is officially known as "height of vettiness"!!

Hmm…not too bad me thinks…you might notice that you could probably lump all my activities into 4 categories - FITNESS - TRAVEL - THEATRE - Pure VETTINESS….and well…that's really what the past 9 months have been about….of course with some excellent accompaniment by my wonderful family and friends....

Life is Good!
Wonder what is in store for me for the rest of the year??


Mommy G said...

Wow!! Thats awesome and I can't believe that I have been by your side through half of those events!! Here's to us!! But but but ... you forgot our "real" first half-marathon!!!!

Sharanya said...

Wah Piang! You're back! I thot I was the inspiration for your blog resurrection?! haha. What is "Porikki" and "vettiness"? Down with Rajnikanth. :p Apart from him, there are quite a number of similarities I'm discovering between us - fitness, travel, theatre, SINGAPURA and name..

Charanya said...

Areille!! You are right! How can I forget?? We were fuming mad that noone came to support us...hahaha....Have added it!

Most of these events wouldn't have been as half as fun w/o you!! :)

And my precious were 50% of my inspiration for the resurrection!! :)True true....lotsa similarities...must hang out more man!!
Porikki = Rowdy
Vettiness = Ayyo...hard to explain...but trust me...I'm an expert..and if you hang out with me will rub off on you! ;)