Monday, April 20, 2009

Tri Training - Week 8 Schedule

This past week was a pretty successful week in terms of training - I managed to cover most of my planned workouts and also got a bit more comfortable riding with the clipped pedals! Had to miss a swim at BS pool due to the weather though. But I've signed on for a open water swim on Tuesday evening - so hopefully that will help make up for it!

I still have some trouble clipping on and off - and fell twice while riding this past weekend - OUCH! - BUT I have gotten over my fear off falling, and have now braced myself to the possibility of falling in the future - and that in a weird way has made me less fearful of the clips! :)

Amit Bhai aka Coach A conducted a Bike 101 session for Sha and I on Sunday morning - he used his bike and trainer to demo some biking best practices, including efficient ways of getting on and off the bike, riding position, riding cadence, gear shifting, tackling hills, etc. This was defn a very useful session and I learnt a lot of new stuff that I will be trying to apply on all my future rides! One good thing about biking during a race is - I will be biking in a closed course, so don't have to worry about stop signs, traffic lights and what not! I am also purchasing a camelback, because I am still very uncomfortable in reaching down to get my water-bottle while riding, and hydrating during a long ride is crucial - it will especially be the case during my 25-mile ride at Captex!

This week will be a short workout week - am trying to squeeze in 2 workouts a day as a result. Let's see how that pans out. No T3 clinic this week due to issues @ the swimming pool!
On Friday evening - I leave to VEGAS for a reunion with my Spore buddies! Not much working out there! ;) From next week onwards, I will start focusing a lot on long rides, bricks, and open water swims!

Monday PM: 5-mile Run
Tuesday AM: LIFT Class @ 24hr Fitness Tuesday PM: Pure Austin Splash and Dash (750m Swim, 3K Run)
Wednesday AM: Spin Class @ 24hr Fitness Wednesday PM: 12-mile Bike Ride
Thursday AM: LIFT Class @ 24hr Fitness

My 1st ever Marathon coach, Coach Amy is running Boston today. Here's wishing her a FANTASTIC speedy race!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Tri Training - Week 7 Schedule

Tentative Training Schedule for Week 7:

Monday PM: T3 Swim Clinic

Tuesday AM: LIFT Class @ 24hr Fitness
Tuesday PM: 45-min Run around Duval Neighborhood

Wednesday AM: Spin Class @ 24hr Fitness
Wednesday PM: T3 Clinic

Thursday PM: 7-mile Bike Ride on Shoal Creek

Friday AM/PM: Bikram Yoga session

Saturday AM: Long swim at BS Pool followed by 3-mile Run around Town Lake

Sunday AM: 14 mile Bike Ride @ Shoal Creek followed by 20min Run

Mantra for the Week:
"I love clips...I love clips...I love clips..."


Monday, April 06, 2009

Tri Training - Week 6 Schedule

Last week, I had a short week of workout - but all the workout sessions were pretty productive - so I am really happy! I also ran 7 miles on Sat AM instead of my originally planned 4 miles and ended up finally getting on my bike after more than 6 mths! Vish and I went riding at Shoal was gorgeous on Sunday morning...sunny and just a little breezy...we were glad to have gone in the morning, since it became really windy later on in the day!

After the bike ride, I went to J&A and got my caged pedals swapped for clipped pedals! I am super excited about trying them out this weekend! I will be taking my biking shoes to spin class as well this week to test them out!

With just 8 weeks to go before my Target Tri, here's my Week 6 schedule! I'm having a cold today - so will be cutting down 1 early week swim workout this week!

Monday PM: Treadmill/Elliptical Hill Workout/Resistance Training @ 24hr Fitness

Tuesday AM: LIFT Class @ 24hr Fitness Tuesday PM: Spin Class @ 24hr Fitness

Wednesday PM: Bikram Yoga Class @ Yoga Groove

Thursday PM: Easy 1.2K Swim @ 24hr Fitness

Friday PM: Rest Day

*Saturday AM: 12-14 mile Bike Ride @ Shoal Creek followed by 20min Run

*Sunday AM: 5-mile Run around Town Lake

(* My Sat and Sun workouts might swap around depending on Vish's cricket schedule, since he's now my biking buddy! :) )

A big kudos this week to the ever-fabulous Amit Bhai for completing his first ever half-ironman (70.3 miles --> 1.2mile Swim, 56mile Bike, 13.1mile Run) with a fabulous time of 6:07:08h!! You're truly an inspiration Amit Bhai - I am so psyched for my Olympic distance now! :D