Monday, April 13, 2009

Tri Training - Week 7 Schedule

Tentative Training Schedule for Week 7:

Monday PM: T3 Swim Clinic

Tuesday AM: LIFT Class @ 24hr Fitness
Tuesday PM: 45-min Run around Duval Neighborhood

Wednesday AM: Spin Class @ 24hr Fitness
Wednesday PM: T3 Clinic

Thursday PM: 7-mile Bike Ride on Shoal Creek

Friday AM/PM: Bikram Yoga session

Saturday AM: Long swim at BS Pool followed by 3-mile Run around Town Lake

Sunday AM: 14 mile Bike Ride @ Shoal Creek followed by 20min Run

Mantra for the Week:
"I love clips...I love clips...I love clips..."



Mommy G said...

Man! Your workout regime makes me wanna cry. I am so happy when I get one measly session of 50 mins in .. and here you plan out several days of mornign and evening sessions!! I know I should get inspired .. but my lazy ass just settles with crying!! LOl! Anyway, good luck for all ur workouts this week. I saw you past weekend and see the amazing effects!! Keep it up!

Unknown said...

Hard core !!! What are lift sessions? Weights? And what are clips and why do you love them?

Charanya said...

G3! I am only ever motivated like this when I am training for a milestone race - in this case, my 1st ever Olympic Tri. Otherwise, I am a lazy ass as well! :p So come June when I'm done with a race, I'm gonna need some major inspiration (or I will prob just sign up for another race! haha)

Shumi - LIFT class is a class offered at my gym that uses barbells and hand weights for a full body workout + combines some ab workout as well.

To learn about clips - see here:
I just got them - and they are quite tricky! :)

Maddy said...

Charanya, when it comes to running, my stamina I tell you .. a child can probably do better than me. So I thought I'll seek some expert advice here :D
Each time I think I want to start running, I try 2-2.5mile and then the next day all my muscles hurt and I stop! But a friend of mine recently gave me a book on running and for beginners, they advised a 10 week program and the key was to start with walking 1 mile the first week and then increase .25 miles each week and start jogging only in week 7-8.

Do you agree?

Charanya said...

Maddy - I am no running expert by any means, but when starting any new activity, starting slow always works best..There are a lot of "couch to 5K" training programs you can find online....which helps beginner runners ramp up to a 5K, or 3.1 miles...check this out for example..., when trying to get started on running, don't worry about speed...just try to ramp up on the time you're out there, distance you're covering first....once you are comfy with the distance, you can worry about picking up your pace...and this will help prevent over-exerting your muscles as well!

Hope that somewhat helps!