Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tri Training - Week 5 Schedule

I was not able to work out from M-W AM this week due to several happenings - but here's my schedule for the rest of the week. Can't wait to get cracking!

Wednesday PM: Spin class @ 24hr Fitness
Thursday AM: Swim @ 24hr Fitness
Friday AM: Boot Camp @ 24hrFitness
Saturday AM: 4-mile Run
Sunday AM: Biking - 10miles @ Shoal Creek

A 10K to Remember! :)

Last Sunday, I woke up in the morning and got ready to run the Capital of Texas 10K, after a long Saturday filled with drama fun and a late night celebrating the success of the drama. :) I was not prepared for the run at all, and the additional tiredness did not help.

However, this 10K race ended up being one I will remember for the rest of my life! Not because of the timing (it was in fact my worst timing for a 10K) - but for something very special that happened at Mile 5.2.

I'll let the following pictures explain what happened! :)


The Captex 10K organizers defn have 2 confirmed registrants for their race every year for the next many many years! :)

Still Smiling....

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Theerndathu Kanakku

If you live in ATX and can understand Tamil - I'd better see you at the show!! :D

Contact me for tics!

Tri Training - Week 4 Schedule

So Week 3 of training went ok. I managed to follow the plan for the most part. I still haven't had a chance to take the bike out yet. My cage is also broken. I am defn taking it to the bike store this week to get inspected and all readied up and I should start from next week onwards! The plan is to go for weekend rides with Pooja and Sha!

I signed up for a Stroke Technique Efficiency clinic with T3 (which Amit swears is the BEST tri training program ever.) It's a 6-week program and should hopefully improve my swimming pretty significantly. Check it out: http://www.austint3.com/t3/clinics.htm It will also ensure that I am swimming regularly twice a week!

This weekend, I am running the CapTex 10K. It's supposed to be a fun race, and I have not had a chance to run it the past few years! So I'm pretty excited! The drama gp that I am part of is also staging a show this Saturday - so I'll be bogged down all this week with rehearsals - so am going to try to get most of my workouts in in the AM.

Here's my schedule for this week! It's going to be a pretty light one!

Monday AM: Nothing PM: Swim+Spin @ 24hr fitness

Tuesday AM: 5:30am LIFT PM: Nothing

Wednesday AM: 5:30am SPIN PM: If there is time - run.

Thursday AM: 5:30am LIFT PM: If there is time - run.

Friday AM: 5:30am Swim PM: Nothing

Saturday: Nothing

Sunday: Captex 6.1 mile Run

Monday, March 16, 2009

Tri Training - Week 3 Schedule

So Week 2 of Tri Training had some ups and downs. The major downer was the weather...a massive cold front ("massive" of course is in relation to TX weather! :p) hit Austin along with strong rains as well. This prevented me from attending 2 BC sessions. However, I did take the BC fit test and saw some significant improvements in my 1-mile Run and Plank timings, and also managed to do more leg lifts and push ups/minute than I could 8 weeks ago! So yay for that!

The weather also prevented my from getting a bike workout in. It was too cold, windy and rainy to venture out! So I had to go for a spin class instead. I also could not take my bike to J&A. I am out of town this coming weekend and the following weekend, I am running the CapTex 10K! It's also the weekend of my drama (more on that after this) - so this means I'll have to skip 2 long rides in the weekends. Looks like April is when I will be able to start my long bike rides! Meanwhile, I will try to get in shorter outdoor bike rides in the weekdays!

The strategy now is to try to go for AM workouts when possible, so that I have no excuses after work! Now that BC is over, this is more feasible as well!

The plus points were successful swim workouts, including a great coaching session with Amit, and run workouts! Amit taught a new swim drill - that aims to focus on where my hands and head should be while swimming freestlye in order to swim more efficiently! You can read more about it on Sha's blog -

This week's workout schedule:
Monday AM: Nothing PM: 7pm Swim @ 24hr fitness
Tuesday AM: Nothing PM: Run @ Location TBD (probably my own neighborhood)
Wednesday AM: 5:30am Spin @ 24hr fitness PM: Nothing
Thursday AM: 5:30am Lift @ 24hr fitness PM: Outdoor Bike Ride - 7 miles
Friday AM: Swim @ 24hr fitness PM: Nothing
Saturday: No workout. Trip to Houston.

Sunday AM: 4-mile AM Run

Monday, March 09, 2009

Tri Training - Week 2 Schedule

Week 1 of Tri Training went pretty well! Workouts that I had to skip were 1 weekday spin and the weekend bike ride! :( Vish and I went to Jack & Adams though and found a bike for him! He will be doing his first Tri - the Rookie Tri in May, so we're pretty excited! I am taking my bike back to J&A this weekend for a tune-up and to get my caged pedals swapped with clipped pedals! I'm excited but a little nervous about it. There's a learning curve to the clipped pedals and I am sure I will fall multiple times - but I can't wait to try 'em out!

Monday - AM: Bootcamp PM: 2-mile Run or Break
Tuesday - AM: Bootcamp PM: Swim Session @ 24 hour fitness pool
Wednesday - AM: Bootcamp PM: Break
Thursday - AM: Bootcamp PM: Spin Class @ 24 hour fitness followed by a 4-lap run around 24 hour track.
Friday - AM: Swim Session @ 24 hour fitness pool PM: Break
Saturday - AM: 4-mile Run @ Town Lake
Sunday - AM: 9.5 mile Bike Ride @ Shoal Creek OR Spin Class (if I don't get my bike back in time), followed by a 1-2 mile run.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Tri Training 2009 begins!

It's March...practically Spring...and time for Tri season!! :D

I signed up last week for my 1st ever Olympic Distance Triathlon - the CAPITAL OF TEXAS TRIATHLON - http://www.captextri.com/!

These are the distances I will be training for for this Tri:
Swim: 1500 m
Bike: 40 KM
Run: 10 KM

This is definitely going to be one challenging experience, but I can't wait! There is a lot to be done. I need to improve my swimming and stroke efficiency and become MUCH more comfortable with freestyle. I need to graduate to clipped pedals! 10K run might not sound that bad after a 42K marathon, but a 10K run AFTER a 40K bike ride will surely be something! So definitely more brick training needed!

I start my training this week and this is what my tentative schedule looks like:

Monday - AM: Bootcamp PM: 45 min Swim Session @ 24 hour fitness pool
Tuesday - AM: Bootcamp PM: Spin class @ 24 hour fitness
Wednesday - AM: Bootcamp PM: Break
Thursday - AM: Bootcamp PM: 2 mile Run @ Canyon Creek Middle School track
Friday - AM: Swim Session @ 24 hour fitenss pool PM: Break
Saturday - AM: 10K Bike Ride @ TBD.
Sunday - AM: 5K Run @ Town Lake

I'll make all you folks - my readers- keep me accountable for this!! :D