Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tri Training - Week 4 Schedule

So Week 3 of training went ok. I managed to follow the plan for the most part. I still haven't had a chance to take the bike out yet. My cage is also broken. I am defn taking it to the bike store this week to get inspected and all readied up and I should start from next week onwards! The plan is to go for weekend rides with Pooja and Sha!

I signed up for a Stroke Technique Efficiency clinic with T3 (which Amit swears is the BEST tri training program ever.) It's a 6-week program and should hopefully improve my swimming pretty significantly. Check it out: http://www.austint3.com/t3/clinics.htm It will also ensure that I am swimming regularly twice a week!

This weekend, I am running the CapTex 10K. It's supposed to be a fun race, and I have not had a chance to run it the past few years! So I'm pretty excited! The drama gp that I am part of is also staging a show this Saturday - so I'll be bogged down all this week with rehearsals - so am going to try to get most of my workouts in in the AM.

Here's my schedule for this week! It's going to be a pretty light one!

Monday AM: Nothing PM: Swim+Spin @ 24hr fitness

Tuesday AM: 5:30am LIFT PM: Nothing

Wednesday AM: 5:30am SPIN PM: If there is time - run.

Thursday AM: 5:30am LIFT PM: If there is time - run.

Friday AM: 5:30am Swim PM: Nothing

Saturday: Nothing

Sunday: Captex 6.1 mile Run


Amit Bhutani said...

I still stand by my claim of T3 Swim Clinic being the BEST 6 weeks you will ever spend improving your fundamental swim technique!! You also have a head start because of the Pre T3 Swim Clinic that I hear you are doing with this fantastic Coach once a week ;)

Charanya said...

LOL...Of course!! ;)

Sharanya said...

Yesterday, one of the speakers also extolled the virtues of T3 swim clinic! Seems awesome.

Is this week 4 already?! Dang, girl! We've been training SOO much better than we did last season.

Btw, I can't believe you're going for LIFT again 2morrow! Aiyoh, that session ah, can die one.. :p Couldn't swim today because my arms are killing me.

Charanya said...

I know!! We didnt even have a schedule the last time! Just randomly did things. I'm gonna kick up things by a notch from next week since all the drama madness will be over and my evenings will hopefully free up!!

haha...yeah LIFT did cause some soreness - but I loved it - am sure it will help with the swimming!

Anonymous said...

what sunscreen would u recommend to use when swimming? I really need to knowww! Everytime I go swimming at my gym's outdoor pool, I turn a shade darker.. please help! going by your blog name and your many swimming experiences, I'm sure you know best :)

Charanya said...

I actually mostly swim indoors - so never use sunscreen. And I'm usually trying to get dark, so don't use it when I swim outdoors as well. Sorry! :( Maybe you can try with something that has a higher SPF count?