Monday, March 16, 2009

Tri Training - Week 3 Schedule

So Week 2 of Tri Training had some ups and downs. The major downer was the weather...a massive cold front ("massive" of course is in relation to TX weather! :p) hit Austin along with strong rains as well. This prevented me from attending 2 BC sessions. However, I did take the BC fit test and saw some significant improvements in my 1-mile Run and Plank timings, and also managed to do more leg lifts and push ups/minute than I could 8 weeks ago! So yay for that!

The weather also prevented my from getting a bike workout in. It was too cold, windy and rainy to venture out! So I had to go for a spin class instead. I also could not take my bike to J&A. I am out of town this coming weekend and the following weekend, I am running the CapTex 10K! It's also the weekend of my drama (more on that after this) - so this means I'll have to skip 2 long rides in the weekends. Looks like April is when I will be able to start my long bike rides! Meanwhile, I will try to get in shorter outdoor bike rides in the weekdays!

The strategy now is to try to go for AM workouts when possible, so that I have no excuses after work! Now that BC is over, this is more feasible as well!

The plus points were successful swim workouts, including a great coaching session with Amit, and run workouts! Amit taught a new swim drill - that aims to focus on where my hands and head should be while swimming freestlye in order to swim more efficiently! You can read more about it on Sha's blog -

This week's workout schedule:
Monday AM: Nothing PM: 7pm Swim @ 24hr fitness
Tuesday AM: Nothing PM: Run @ Location TBD (probably my own neighborhood)
Wednesday AM: 5:30am Spin @ 24hr fitness PM: Nothing
Thursday AM: 5:30am Lift @ 24hr fitness PM: Outdoor Bike Ride - 7 miles
Friday AM: Swim @ 24hr fitness PM: Nothing
Saturday: No workout. Trip to Houston.

Sunday AM: 4-mile AM Run


Improper Bostonian said...

Howdy Senorita... its been a long time since I visited your blog, and its great to see you running with greater enthusiasm than a year ago... awesome :-)

vishy said...
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gk said...

you ladies are crazy!....but seriously this is dang impressive...I have such trouble just dragging my lazy butt off the bed and getting to work before lunchtime :P

Charanya said...

G - when are you doing a Tri already?? :p

gk said...

all in good time :)