Monday, March 09, 2009

Tri Training - Week 2 Schedule

Week 1 of Tri Training went pretty well! Workouts that I had to skip were 1 weekday spin and the weekend bike ride! :( Vish and I went to Jack & Adams though and found a bike for him! He will be doing his first Tri - the Rookie Tri in May, so we're pretty excited! I am taking my bike back to J&A this weekend for a tune-up and to get my caged pedals swapped with clipped pedals! I'm excited but a little nervous about it. There's a learning curve to the clipped pedals and I am sure I will fall multiple times - but I can't wait to try 'em out!

Monday - AM: Bootcamp PM: 2-mile Run or Break
Tuesday - AM: Bootcamp PM: Swim Session @ 24 hour fitness pool
Wednesday - AM: Bootcamp PM: Break
Thursday - AM: Bootcamp PM: Spin Class @ 24 hour fitness followed by a 4-lap run around 24 hour track.
Friday - AM: Swim Session @ 24 hour fitness pool PM: Break
Saturday - AM: 4-mile Run @ Town Lake
Sunday - AM: 9.5 mile Bike Ride @ Shoal Creek OR Spin Class (if I don't get my bike back in time), followed by a 1-2 mile run.


Mommy G said...

Wow!!! This is hardcore!!! Awesoe! Can't wait to join ya!

Charanya said...

Join join!! Have you registered for Captex yet??

Sharanya said...

Eeeks! Cages to clips!! Good luck!! Waiting to hear about your first bike workout with them clips.

Anonymous said...

sooo wat bike are u riding ???