Monday, March 02, 2009

Tri Training 2009 begins!

It's March...practically Spring...and time for Tri season!! :D

I signed up last week for my 1st ever Olympic Distance Triathlon - the CAPITAL OF TEXAS TRIATHLON -!

These are the distances I will be training for for this Tri:
Swim: 1500 m
Bike: 40 KM
Run: 10 KM

This is definitely going to be one challenging experience, but I can't wait! There is a lot to be done. I need to improve my swimming and stroke efficiency and become MUCH more comfortable with freestyle. I need to graduate to clipped pedals! 10K run might not sound that bad after a 42K marathon, but a 10K run AFTER a 40K bike ride will surely be something! So definitely more brick training needed!

I start my training this week and this is what my tentative schedule looks like:

Monday - AM: Bootcamp PM: 45 min Swim Session @ 24 hour fitness pool
Tuesday - AM: Bootcamp PM: Spin class @ 24 hour fitness
Wednesday - AM: Bootcamp PM: Break
Thursday - AM: Bootcamp PM: 2 mile Run @ Canyon Creek Middle School track
Friday - AM: Swim Session @ 24 hour fitenss pool PM: Break
Saturday - AM: 10K Bike Ride @ TBD.
Sunday - AM: 5K Run @ Town Lake

I'll make all you folks - my readers- keep me accountable for this!! :D


Sharanya said...

*swish* The cane is ready (if all else fails!) :p I'm excited for you, Cha! Can't wait to hear about your adventures.

vishy said...

Man... that seems like a Herculean task.... I can manage a 40K bicycle ride.. may be even a 6K run after that.. but I cannot definitely do them both after a 1500M swim.. actually I can never get to swim 1500M I think.... I think the 24 hr fitnesss pools are 50M long atmost.. what would mean atleast 30 laps... that is really too much for me...

good luck on your training..

Maddy said...

That really seems like a HUGE deal Charanya! But GOOD LUCK! Keep us updated about how the training goes :)

Ram said...

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

sooo managed to stick to your schedule .... and wat does the bootcamp encompass anyway ??? if it's anything like my bootcamp, guess 5BX, 5km run and chin ups before breakfast ???? anyway keep us updated .....

Charanya said...

Thanks all! :P

Dante...the BC I am doing consists of various upper and lower body workouts and core conditioning. More details here: