Monday, April 06, 2009

Tri Training - Week 6 Schedule

Last week, I had a short week of workout - but all the workout sessions were pretty productive - so I am really happy! I also ran 7 miles on Sat AM instead of my originally planned 4 miles and ended up finally getting on my bike after more than 6 mths! Vish and I went riding at Shoal was gorgeous on Sunday morning...sunny and just a little breezy...we were glad to have gone in the morning, since it became really windy later on in the day!

After the bike ride, I went to J&A and got my caged pedals swapped for clipped pedals! I am super excited about trying them out this weekend! I will be taking my biking shoes to spin class as well this week to test them out!

With just 8 weeks to go before my Target Tri, here's my Week 6 schedule! I'm having a cold today - so will be cutting down 1 early week swim workout this week!

Monday PM: Treadmill/Elliptical Hill Workout/Resistance Training @ 24hr Fitness

Tuesday AM: LIFT Class @ 24hr Fitness Tuesday PM: Spin Class @ 24hr Fitness

Wednesday PM: Bikram Yoga Class @ Yoga Groove

Thursday PM: Easy 1.2K Swim @ 24hr Fitness

Friday PM: Rest Day

*Saturday AM: 12-14 mile Bike Ride @ Shoal Creek followed by 20min Run

*Sunday AM: 5-mile Run around Town Lake

(* My Sat and Sun workouts might swap around depending on Vish's cricket schedule, since he's now my biking buddy! :) )

A big kudos this week to the ever-fabulous Amit Bhai for completing his first ever half-ironman (70.3 miles --> 1.2mile Swim, 56mile Bike, 13.1mile Run) with a fabulous time of 6:07:08h!! You're truly an inspiration Amit Bhai - I am so psyched for my Olympic distance now! :D


Vishwas said...

the 10-12 mile bike followed by the run will be intense, glad it is on the schedule! :)

Charanya said...

This means you can't get too tipsy during Wine and Cheese Night! :)

Amit Bhutani said...

You inspired me to my first ever Marathon, so if I inspire you to do your first Olympic or Half Iron, then remember that I am just returning a favor ;)

Nice job with staying on the training schedule. With the weather becoming nicer, lets see some BRIC'S and OWS start appearing in your training log now :P

Charanya said...

Will do Coach A! Starting with a mini-brick this weekend! :)