Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I could do this on my hands!!!

So the day has finally come - I'll be running my first 20-miler this weekend! My first TWENTY miler....I am excited but nervous at the same time!

We've been told to come ready with a little internal affirmation catch phrase - basically self-compliments/positive affirmations that will keep us going through the run when we are going through a rough patch, in the middle of a nasty hill, or just feel like giving up.

Some words of wisdom from my coach.....

Coach Amy: I think the most important part is to come up with affirmations before you need them. When you read or hear a phrase that “speaks” to you, write it down. Reword it if necessary to make it short and rhythmical, so that it is easy to memorize. Before a particularly hard training day or before a race, go over your list and write a phrase or 2 on post-it notes. Put the post-it notes on your bathroom mirror, on your car dash, or on your computer screen and then commit the affirmation to heart so that you can repeat it over and over in your head. A few that I personally like are : “start easy, finish strong. Start easy, finish strong.” “I am mentally tough. Mentally tough.” I am well-trained. I am prepared for this race.” If you think a negative thought during your workout or race, immediately substitute your affirmation.

I've been trying to come up with something that will work for me and this morning - I was chatting with my colleague Andre, an avid marathon runner - and I found what I needed!! :)

Charanya says: my coach wants us to come up with a postivie reaffirmation phrase! any suggestions?
Andre says: Hrmm....
"This is the dumbest thing that I've ever done"
"But I like it"
Charanya says: haha....too long...what if i get demoralized at DUMB and then never finish???
Andre says: it's possible
Charanya says: for att half...i remember chanting "i love hills"
Andre says: "These Indian legs are strong!"
Charanya says: hahahahahah
Andre says: I like that
Andre says: "I could do this on my hands!"
Charanya says: hahahaha.....
I like "I could do this on my hands!"
Andre says: it's catchy
Charanya says: I think the visual image of me marathoning on my hands will just keep me going!
Charanya says: Good job - Gold Star for Andre!
Andre says: WAHOO!!!

And yes....I could so totally do this on my hands!!!!!!!!!
And as silly and strange as it sounds - just saying it right now a few times to myself is already making me feel good about it all!! It's not so much the actual words - but what it implies - that I am strong, and I will be able to do anything I put my mind to!


Mommy G said...

Oh you could SO do this on your hands!!! You Go Girl!!! Girl Power!!!

Btw, thanks for chanting the "I love hills" & "We love hills" during the At&T half-m. Got me through a bunch of those hills!!! Muah!

Sharanya said...

Mantras are definitely helpful. As crazy as they sound to a third person, the chanting alone keeps your mind occupied so that no negative thots creep in. Great strategy for playing mind-games..

Anonymous said...

I inspired someone!!! Oh, my lady takes offense to you calling me an AVID marathoner :) She tells me that I can claim that after I do more than one a year...

Amy said...

I like all of those! Write them all down. You might need them at different times. Also, how about, "My coach is so proud of me. I am awesome." And, "I run. I rock." All true!

vishy said...

So how did the 20 mile run go?

Prabhu said...

yeah...i can understand wat u r talkin abt....i don know everytime i run my 10 miler i get to loose my confidence in my first 3 mile or so...n then once i pass tht stage i get full confidence...i don know...thst how its been so far..

i will try 2 get my catchy punch liners tooo...like "panni dhan nadandhu varum...sirutha seeri varum" lol..jez a funny thing... inspired frm sivaji...

anyway..how did ur 20 miler go? i m yet to do those 20 milers..hope i can do tht in copla weeks time

gud lukc wid ur run :)

- Prabhu