Thursday, August 09, 2007


I am an Indian citizen, but having been brought up in Singapore and having lived there for close to 14 years, I pretty much consider it as one of my homes!! Singapore celebrates it's 42nd Birthday today, and one of my fondest memories of this day is of singing the National songs together in school and during the National Day Parades!!....

My favorite song amongst those was Singapore Town! I wish I could sing it for you - but you'll just have to settle for this - if you even care to listen!! (Shasha is probably the only one who will!!! hahaha....)This song even has cool hand actions and all!! ALAMAK - I am such a dork!!!!!!!! :D

Singapore Town
Music & Lyrics: The Sidaislers

You could take a little trip around Singapore town
In a Singapore city bus
To see Collyer Quay and Raffles Place
The Esplanade and all of us

Because in Singapore, Singapore
Their hearts are big and wide you'll find
Because in Singapore, Singapore
You'll find happiness (chachacha) for everyone

Let's go down to the riverside, it's an unforgettable sight
To see the sunrise on a faraway isle, turning darkness into light

( Repeat Chorus )

The buildings are climbing all the way to the sky
And there's a hundred other people who are striving
For people like you and I

( Repeat Chorus )

HAPPY NATIONAL DAY TO ALL SINGAPOREANS!!! (Blue ICs can consider also lah!!! :) )


Sharanya said...

Majulah Singapura, fellow Singaporean! I used to get emotional singing "We are Singapore" when I was in school!! "This is my countrieeeee, this is my flaaaag" Then I went thru a phase where I didn't care for National Day at all. It's funny though how this things come to a full circle. Sitting far away, I become nostalgic thinking about National Day about good ol' Singapura. Did u read the ST article? They had the Navy strut their stuff in the water!

Charanya said...

haha....I know what you mean!! I've BEEN in a NDP before....quite fun!!!