Sunday, September 23, 2007

Fall Running....

The Austin Fall running season has started and there a quite a few races coming up - for which I am extremely excited about!! I also bought my first ever timing chip!! I am officially a run-geek with my very own timing chip!! I bought the special edition Distance Challenge 2007-2008 chip - and it's so darn pretty!!! Gushhhhh..... :D

Upcoming Races:

September 30th - Silicon Labs Marathon Relay - 12K
October 7th - The Dream Mile - Vibha - 10K
October 21st - The IBM Uptown Classic - 10K

and of course the MOTHER of 'em all....
October 28th - The Marine Corps Marathon - 26.2 miles!!!

Fall's always been one of my favorite seasons in Austin - and this Fall is shaping up to be an extra special one!!


gk said...

Bravo! You now possess the secret amulet that gives you exclusive entry into the secret cabal of crazy runners

Sharanya said...

Wah Piang! Macam happening sial. :) I see you've revamped your webpage too, very very cool! U macam professional already... ;) Good luck with the RDC!! I'm so excited for you.

Charanya said...

Thanks GK and Sha!! I AM pretty darn thrilled about all the running coming up!! And Sha...I was at work over the weekend - ugh - and got bored and spent some time pepping up the website! :p