Thursday, November 08, 2007

Why do a 26.2?

Found this quote and article on one of the Rogue Forums and just had to post it:

"Humans weren't meant to run 26.2 miles at a crack in the same way humans weren't meant to explore the heavens. We know mankind should get out of the space-exploration business because astronauts have died in the line of duty. Humans weren't supposed to navigate oceans, either, because if they were, we wouldn't still be pulling up wooden ships from the sea. And humans obviously shouldn't be attempting to climb Mt. Everest because people die trying every year. Maybe we shouldn't strive or dream or set goals at all. But we do. We do because that's how we're wired. Something inside us tells us to go for more. To strain and struggle and bleed for something great. To build ever taller buildings. To push the envelope. To take it to the limit and beyond."

-Rick Morrissey in a Chicago Tribune article on why we should keep running marathons even if occasionally people tragically die like Ryan Shay,1,2928793.column?coll=cs-home-utility

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