Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Are you going to finish strong?

Here are 2 pretty awesome videos that I watched this past week - both inspirational in very different ways!

1. Amit Bhai posted this video. It's about an hour long but totally worth the time! Like Amit said "Forget those stupid motivational self-improvement books and workshops.....just watch this video!!" :)

Oh..and by the way, I have a huge crush on Chrissie Wellington now - my new heroine!!! :)

2. This one was fwded to me by a work colleague and moved me to tears! It makes me really appreciate the fact that I am able to do crazy things like run 26.2 miles and take part in Tris - and will defn be something I will look back on when I have a bad training day and all I feel like doing is whining!

4 days to the New Orleans 26.2! Can't wait! :)


Anonymous said...

the last video was absolutely fantastic and awe inspiring... sometimes i think everyone of us including me do not realize what a precious gift we have been given ... thanks for the link and you have given me a reason to run when i dun feel like it ....

unfortunately i was unable to view the ironman vid since i am outsied the US .... anyway glad to see that you are mentally as well as physically preparing for the upcoming marathon ... hope to see your post on ur sub 5.30 marathon very soon ... ;->

Anonymous said...

Thnx for sharing some real cool videos! U just can't help being in awe.. Quite inspiring, to say the least!

Here's an amazingly remarkable story, which I happened to come across the other day, and find it too good not to share, esp in the context of some of the videos u have shared:

Jessica Cox

Jessica on Ellen's show: