Monday, May 04, 2009

Tri Training - Week 10 Schedule

Last week was one hectic week @ wk and otherwise - so much so that I didn't have time to record my training! Vegas was a blast...but I needed a recovery day to get over the trip! :) I managed to get some good workouts in though - a 1600m swim, a 2hr spin class, a 12-mile bike and a 4-mile run + a Bikram session! I wanted to get a much longer bike ride in during the weekend, but my ride was disrupted when I realized that my front gears were not working well. So instead of continuing my ride (which including going up a nasty hill every 3 miles), I took my bike to Jack and Adams for some TLC instead. The good thing is that I was very minimally sore after the bike ride...usually I can feel the soreness a few hours later after a ride of that the intense spin classes must be doing some good!

The Rookie Tri is coming up this weekend - my first Tri for the season...I feel confident about the swim and the run - but the biking is going to be interesting. It will be my 1st ride using clips in a race atmosphere...and I really need to not freak out, especially when I have issues clipping on and getting on my bike (and I know I will have issues! :) ). I am not going to focus on time at all during this race - it's going to be my trial race, to ensure that I go through the right motions needed in a Tri, and note any mistakes or rooms for improvement I can then correct/incorporate into the Captex Tri.

I am not feeling too good today....healthwise...probably from all the exertion over the weekend and the crazy ever-changing I am going to take it a little easy the first couple of days this week w.r.t training. Am also going to avoid the pool since it's where I can encounter the most germs! :)

Monday: No workout, recovery

Tuesday AM: LIFT Class (pending how I feel) PM: Spin Class

Wednesday PM: 4-mile Run

Thursday PM: BRIC - Spin Class + Short Tun

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Short BRIC - 3-mile Bike + 1-mile Run

Sunday: Rookie Triathlon - 300m Swim, 12mile Bike, 2-mile Run

Wish me luck! :)


dante said...

wishing you luck ... hopefully u dun catch the nasty swine flu ..

anyway how is Bikram yoga ... was thinking of signing up over here in singapore but afraid the heat might get to me ..... any words of wisdom ??

Sharanya said...

Hey girl, I'm right there with ya on having a hectic + sick week! Did a mini-bric today and it was AWFUL. My legs felt like lead when I tried to run. Oh well, I'm glad I did something this week so I know what to expect in terms of my performance on Sunday.. We'll get through the Rookie just fine, though. It's good prep.

I'm excited that you're meeting your Nemesis course! :) Your determination will get you through the bike course inspite of getting using to clips. Plus this is a good course to be trying out clips because you'll be riding rolling hills. Good luck!

Vishwas said...

good luck kanna.... you will be just fine, just take your time with the clips, dont try to hurry it.

Charanya said...

Dante...Bikram is going fine for me. I don't do it as often as I should in order to get the max benefit out of it though. Maybe once my Tri finishes, I'll try to go more often! You should definitely give it a shot though and see if it's right for you! Talk to the instructors beforehand and hydrate well should you decide to do it and you should be ok! I'm still a beginner so can't really give much more tips!