Friday, July 06, 2007

Go Chick!!

I JUST found out that my Iron Chicks coaches Michael and Cecilia will be participating in the Couples Tri next weekend as well!! They are SO gonna kick Amit's and my butts!! :)....

It should be fun though to see them again....they were such awesome coaches!

On other wonderful Singaporean namesake...(well I guess technically I am HER namesake!) Sharanya is doing her 1st Triathlon this weekend!!....This is kind of like the Rookie Tri I did a year ago - it's even at the exact same venue - The Texas Ski Ranch!!....I am soooo excited for her....and am quite a proud mother hen....considering it was my little Danskin post-mortem email that spurred her on to join the Iron Chicks program!!....She's gonna be riding my bike as well and I hope my Scarlett performs well for her! Here's wishing her all the very best for the race! I'm sure she's gonna do AWESOME!!

GO CHICK!!! :)

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Sharanya said...

You're such a sweetie & so supportive!! THANK YOU! I'm pretty excited about 2morrow. Can't believe I'm doing my 1st TRI. Will call you and tell you how it went.