Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Simple Joys in Life....

Charanya: G3!! I found the most awesomest juice place today...near town lake...full organic stuff!!...ull loveeeeeee it
Gayathri: reallly??? it daily juice?
Charanya: hmm didn't seem to have a name...its next to deep eddy pool
Gayathri: ya ya thats daily juice
Charanya: Aah ok
Gayathri: i have been wanting to go there for the longessttt
Charanya: so u know then...hahah
Gayathri: yayyy .... now i will go with u..i have never been there
Charanya: awesome!!
Gayathri: but i always wanted to
Charanya: i had their MANGO LASSI and it was out of this world!!!
Gayathri: wow really???...nice nice
Charanya: yeah totally yummmm...and they have VEGAN CHOCOLATE CHIP that u can add to smoothies...yummmmm
Gayathri: wowwww..niceeee..ok i am coming running with u next week
Charanya: yes yes
Gayathri: once i recover from wisdom tooth ofcourse..but yayyyyy
Charanya: OF COURSE...haha...ok let's start our one new place in austin at least every 2 weeks deal
Gayathri: i love new food places .. gets me so excited
Charanya: be it food place or anything else
Gayathri: yes yes...ok..done
Charanya: summer is the best time!!...yayyyyy
Gayathri: yayyyyy :D
Charanya: hehe
Gayathri: everyone around is gettoing hooked and we are getting excited on juice!!!
Charanya: wotever
Gayathri: how smart are we!! :D
Charanya: haha
Gayathri: hahaha...but i prefer juice anyway
Charanya: simple joys in life are the best
Gayathri: so it don't matter!
Charanya: the husband we'll get bored with anyways eventually...haha...but the food...will always be there for us!! :)
Gayathri: i know!!
Charanya: u shopped?
Gayathri: bought one pajama...thats all i cud after half an hour of macys pajama dept
Charanya: haha
Gayathri: then i got bored and went home and started watcing scrubs
Charanya: i got Sabrina in my netflix today chick flick...and got spinach pizza from whole foods
Gayathri: oooh tell me how it is
Charanya: life is good
Gayathri: nice niceee
Charanya: LOL
Gayathri: :D...ya i got food from mr. N...and scrubs ...yayy...i think i am going to make some tea ...
Charanya: ohhhhh i got to go to that place again sometime soon!!
Gayathri: i feel like drinking tea..ya u do!!
Charanya: next weekend
Gayathri: we gotta go there on a saturday afternoon and order off the menu
Charanya: YES!!!!
Gayathri: instead of the specials
Charanya: next's a date!!! ;)
Gayathri: done
Charanya: ;)
Gayathri: :D
Charanya: im so gonna post this conversation in my blog
Gayathri: heheh
Charanya: and title it "the simple joys in life"...hahaha
Gayathri: haha...very apt...alright i am going to make some teaaa
Charanya: ok shower time... i smell like a hippie
Gayathri: hahahaha...ok byee


Sharanya said...

Another simple joy of life: homemade smoothie - raspberries, banana, oj & ice. My regular post-workout tonic. :)

vishy said...

ha... first eat out to your hearts content... and then run to burn the calories...

Mommy G said...

And then eat again! ;)

Charanya said... glorious food! the same Vishy that was in the Tamil drama in H-Town??

Improper Bostonian said...

interesting conversations...but husbands can't be that boring as u seem to think...u shud try it out sometime...

Charanya said...

I'm sure they won't be and I am totally game for trying it out sometime...but will always remain my numero uno passion!! ;)

Improper Bostonian said...

i kinda realized that from your motto in life...:-)

nice one

Improper Bostonian said...

thanks for visiting my blog...keep visiting..its a nice way to kill time...

vishy said...

Nopes... not the same Vishy.. but I think I know the other Vishy though. Did BKM put up this Tamil Drama? Or what was the name of the drama.

Charanya said...

haha yeah BKM...I was in it as well!!..."Bit Role"!! :)

Improper Bostonian said...

a lady who likes American Psycho and Christian Bale deserves a salute...maybe more...:-)

have u read the novel "American Psycho" or his other famous novel "Less than zero"? Bret Easton Ellis is as good as Chuck Palahniuk...

good to know that u know what "vetti" means...:-)

Improper Bostonian said...

oh btw, Bale was awesome in Batman Begins too..Batman never looked that cool in a long time...Rescue Dawn is just another feather in his cap...can't wait for his next 3 movies...

vishy said...

Cool.... then I know this other Vishy. Another friend of mine suggested me to take part in some Dramas too but was juz too lazy..

Stephanie Hardie said...

Daily Juice rocks! Have you been to the one on Barton Springs?

I am on a Kombucha kick and they have it. Mmmm...Kombucha. I may have to blog about it...

Charanya said...

Yup - this was the one on Barton Springs...and er...Kombucha???

Amit Bhutani said...

No credit to the one who helped you discover this place? ;-( Bad Ciara! ;-)

Charanya said...

Yes Amit bhai!! All credits to you!! What would I do w/o you??? ;)