Friday, October 12, 2007

FALL IS HERE..... least sort of.....AND MY SPIRITS ARE UP!! I just read through my last post with much disgust and I am glad to say that I am completely over being pathetic and whiny!!

To quote Amy, my coach, "OK, you can be bummed about it for 24 hours, but then that's it!"...:)

I just want to thank her and all of you guys who wrote in my scrapbook, wrote me personal emails and gave me a call to lecture me (!!!)....cos I defn won't be able to do this without all your support!!!

2 more weeks....and I'll be flying off to DC. Can't wait!!

Happy Fall!! Happy Navratri!! Happy Running!!!


Improper Bostonian said...

Glad you got it out of your system...Good luck on your run.

Mommy G said...

You Go gIrl!