Monday, October 08, 2007

A Training Low

Not the kind of feeling you want to have just 3 weeks before the big day, but it's exactly how I felt during my last 20 miler this past Saturday - LOW.

I am getting very very nervous. The long run last Saturday was just bad..really bad. It was nothing like how I did or felt the last time I ran a 20. I don't know if it was the weather, the humidity, or all the crazy hills...I don't know what! I felt physically fine - had no aches/pains, or all that sort of trouble. Only real problem I had was getting a consistent breathing going on. I kept running out of breath - not sure why though.

I finished the run, but overall felt very bummed out. I was just depressed during my whole drive home. I went through the motions of eating, taking an ice bath etc etc, but nothing really helped. I finally just went out and hung out with some friends to get my mind off the whole thing. The next morning, I went for my easy run, and around 4 miles, I tripped and now I don't just have a low morale...but I have close to 9 bandaids all over my hands and legs....usually when you are on the verging of tripping and falling, this adrenaline rushes through you and you try to prevent it if possible. What went through my head was "Crap...I can't believe I am falling!".... and I just let myself fall.

I don't know what's wrong with me. This is really unlike me to be getting upset about something like this. I've had more than 20 good weeks of running, but I just can't seem to put this one bad weekend behind me. I think it's because I am so close to the race day - and now am suddenly thinking of all the 101 things than can go wrong!!

Aww gawd....I need some inspiration....quick!


mrokkam said...

Yo!! How can you forget? You can do this on your HANDS!!!

Unknown said...


Dont worry and lose heart. This might an off-week. Dont get hung up on poor breathing rhythm.. Dont be too hard on yourself and dont try too hard. A lot of things could have contributed to last weekend's run. Forget everything. Start all over again and get back to the basics. Make sure you eat well, drink lots of water from the previous day. Make sure you stretch well, run the first few miles at a very comfortable pace, and build up to your regular pace. Also make sure that you keep yourself hydrated throughout the run.

Your exercise for this week should be to constantly reinforce that everything is going to be fine next week. Tell yourself and prepare your mind before the next long run.. Dont give any room for self-doubts and negative thoughts..

A personal experience if it helps:

6 weeks prior to the marathon I developed a irritation on my right knee. i went to a sport doc and he said that i have aggravated my right knee. I almost GAVE UP!!!
However, doc said that I could still run the marathon and rest after, unless the pain becomes unbearable. I waited out a couple of weeks and sadly worked out on elliptical trianer. When I got back to my training schedule, 20 miles felt like a mountain. But I got over it and was able to comfortably finish my marathon.

Dont worry.. You will be fine!!!! Just reinforce that you will do great next week. Be determined and dont allow any negative thoughts to enter your mind.

Amy said...

Oops, just sent you an email before I saw your blog. So read that first:)

Go buy some unlined 4x6 index cards. Start writing down one of your positive affirmations on each one. Start with "I am well trained. I am prepared for this race." "I can do this on my hands!!" "Trust your training, trust your coach." "Start Easy, Finish Strong." Add more as they come to you.


Sharanya said...

Don't give in to these mind games. You have trained too hard, put in too much of your time, effort & energy to let negative thots come in the way in this final lap.

When I ran the last leg of my tri this past weekend, I had an incredible urge to walk, even though I was just a half mile from the finish line. And I started walking. Then I told myself, "if you wanted to walk, you needn't have trained this hard, for these many months. U could have just walked in the first place. Now that you have trained, just RUN!" And I did.

Same goes for you. Think of how far you have come and give yourself a pat on the back. Then, Just Do It.

Cha, there is NO SPOON.