Monday, January 07, 2008

Back in the Groove...

After 4 weeks of lazing around, eating, partying, and merrying in India and not managing to get any quality running in, I went for my 1st long run of the year on Saturday morning - bright and early at 7am in Georgetown, 30mins outside of Austin. It was a beautiful morning, not too cold, but with a slight breeze. We were going to do a 20-miler that morning. It started off pretty well - I did good for the first 5 miles or so. The only thing that was bugging me was my sniffles...I think after 6 years in Austin, I have finally become a victim of the dreaded allergies that this city is so infamously known for! :(

I struggled from Miles 6-10, especially during the killer climb upto the top of the Georgetown Dam between Miles 8-9....but wow....that climb was totally worth it, as I was treated to a gorgeous view from the top! It's amazing how something as simple as that can really lift up your spirits or re-energize you! I had a nice run back down and was generally feeling strong....I got a massive sniffle attack again at Mile 16, and really struggled to get those last 4 miles in, added to which the weather had gotten warmer and the sun was actually blazing for a little bit!! I also felt a lot more tired that I would usually!

Not training properly for the last 4 weeks really did show its effect on Saturday. When you train for a long-distance endurance event, you slowly teach your body, over a period of time, what it's capable of and how to adapt to new challenges. If you completely give it a rest, you definitely need to take the time to ease it back into the previous rigorous routine you used to have! I probably should have run a shorter distance yesterday, but oh well! I'm glad at least that I took it slow and managed to cover the distance injury-free!

I had to drop out of the RunTex Distance Challenge!! :( My cousin has decided to get married on the day of the 3M Half-Marathon in California.....and well, I can hardly tell him to postpone his wedding so I can go run 13 miles and not lose out on the totally rad finisher's jacket!! Or wait...can I?? ;)

Special kudos to Amit Bhai for conquering those nasty hills at the ARA Run Hard Live Easy 30K yesterday and also for completing his first ever 20-miler!! Woohoo!!

2 amazing movies that made me cry bucketloads this past weekend: City of Joy and Taare Zameen Par! 2 MUST-WATCHES for those who haven't already!!!

A Very Happy 2008 to all of you!! :D


Improper Bostonian said...

happy 2008 and happy running in 2008, ciara

Unknown said...

Good write-up. You should tell your cousin to wait for 2 hours or less to tie the knot. Anyways, at any point of time, a run is more interesting than a wedding.

Charanya said...

hahaha...actually this being the cousin who got me into running, I'm sure he might agree with that as well...!! :)

Thanks IB! Wish you the same!!

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Mommy G said...

I can't say this enough!! I am just amazed at your ability to finish something you get started on. Me, on the other hand, is always trying out new things and have no qualms giving up at any point! But you (in Hindi movie style)... you are made of a diff. soil fo-sho! :)

Good that you are back running injury free! Wish you all the best!

and oh man! I wanna go see the view from Georgetown dam too!!