Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Day after the Marathon!

Andre, my running friend at work - sent me the following video!

Pretty hilarious! I can totally identify with a lot of these!! I loved the slogan at the end!

"Here's to one part of your body that doesn't hate you right now.....YOUR HEART" :)

4 more weeks to go for Marathon #2!!


Amit Bhutani said...

Funny!! ;-)

I haven't even run a full Marathon
yet but can so relate to that commercial, especially the day after the treacherous and hilly Lost Creek 30K!!!

Charanya said...

I especially love the one where the guy is standing at the bottom of a flight of stairs while another guy runs up effortlessly!! Oh gawd...I've been there..done that...

Anonymous said...

...and then there is this guy :-(

Why, Why, Why???
.. but then I will never understand his answer. :-)