Thursday, February 07, 2008

10 more days!!!

So in the last couple of days, I have started receiving "Good Luck", "You can do it" emails from folks - and each time I receive one, I am like "huh? good luck!! what for??".....I keep forgetting that I have a marathon coming up - in fact in just 10 days!! I have been so busy with everything else in my life, that I've totally lost track of time....I attend my workouts and long runs routinely but have not really been counting down to the big day like I did the last time round!

I need to myself....and quick! The worst thing that can happen on a marathon morning is not being mentally prepared for what's ahead!!

So this weekend - I am gonna go for a pre-race massage - just to "flush things out and loosen things up" like Coach Stephanie has recommended, run my easy 7 miles taper workout....focus on my nutrition and hydration plan for next week, and try not to do anything crazy the whole of next week - especially at the gym or all the dance practices I have for an upcoming show! I will also be attending the pre-race Asha dinner this evening - and Coach Amy, my DC marathon training coach will be talking about mental preparation. She is AMAZING at motivating and encouraging runners of all levels - so if not anything, that should definitely get me back on track!!

Meanwhile, my fundraising site for Team Asha is still up and running (I'm sorry - but I just HAD to add in my last final shameless appeal! :) ) - so please take a moment to look at it if you haven't so already (see the link on the right-hand side) and think about contributing something - anything and everything counts! If you any questions about Asha and its projects, feel free to let me know about them as well!!


Anonymous said...

Charanya: After going thru u'r blog, really remarkable knowing that u run as much as u do. The 26.2 miles in itself is a shocker (I wonder how many people have run a 26.2 in their lifetime - must be a ridiculously low number!).

I just looked at u'r 2007 run history and gosh, it almost averages to one every month - quite an achievement! Also, nice to know that u run for a cause - must be a great feeling.. Really inspiring :D

I have recently taken up running, and plan to regularly do so. I barely run for 30 min :D (I do hit a daily 2.5 mile walk everyday tho). But reading u'r blog, it seems that u started most of u'r running around 2005, and now u have this intense running schedule. Great that u have a group of interested runners out there.

A couple of quick Qs on my mind:

1) A fresh runner as me, any tips on no of runs/week I should be doing? My goal:'keeping fit & stamina building'. How many runs/week do u usually get done?

2) How long before one is able to make a 5K run, say? Not that I am keen on running one, but kinda curious to know the amount of effort needed.

3) Finally, any particular brand/technology of running shoes u are partial to? 'Cause at u'r level, having the RIGHT shoes should matter a lot, ain't it??

btw, the youtube video u shared is fun to watch! And yeah - all the best for u'r upcoming marathon :)

Maddy said...

Great blog Charanya! Kudos to you running endeavors :)

Good luck for the upcoming one.


A Matter of Perspective said...

I have always wanted to run a marathon but never got around to formalize and follow a training plan.. Was inspired reading your blog.
So how did you get started running.. was it with ASHA?
Great exercise for a good cause..

Charanya said...

GGS: Thanks! I really only started running towards the end of 2006, when both Areille and I signed up for the half-marathon program with Asha...and it's been great since then...I'm fitter, healthier, and feel stronger as well! As for your qns, not sure how I can help you. I joined a proper training program and have pretty much been following the training plan and coaches' instructions...When I started the half-marathon training, I could barely do 2 miles, but ramped up to 13 miles in about 3 might be good to check out some local running for shoes, go to a proper running store and have the sales person fit you and find the right shoe for you - do not try doing it on your own!

Thanks Madhura! :)

And yeah Anand, it was pretty much Asha that got me should defn join in on all the madness! :)

Anonymous said...

Charanya, thnx for sharing u'r thoughts. I guess I was looking for some quick answers, when actually there's much more to it.

Now, 2 to 13 mi in 3 months is amazing! I hardly know anything abt running, but to me, it seems better than avg. Possibly u'r swimming all these yrs aided u here.
I was under the impression that most runners favored brands like Mizuno, Saucony,.. over others, and so my Q. But as u suggested, its better to get the salesperson select the right shoe.

The Asha Austin site highlights a 6 month trg plan with own coaches, which is really cool. Tho there's only one Asha center out here in FL, there seem to be quite some local running groups. Well, as of now, my focus would be on regular treadmill runs, and once I can run say 50 min to an hr, maybe I can *think* of running a 5k :)

U sure manage to keep u'rself busy with running, dance practices among other activities, am sure.. Neat!!