Thursday, August 28, 2008

Targets for the 08-09 Running Season

So it's that time of the year again - when Team Asha runners come together and start their fall marathon and half-marathon training! I am one of the coordinators for the Strides of Hope program this year and have spent the last few months helping to plan the program, organize info sesisons, recruit runners etc. I am pretty excited that we have a huge bunch of first-time runners this time who all seem pretty enthusiastic and motivated! I have managed to rope in my sister into the program as well and I am trying to see if my mom will be interested in walking the half....;)

To find out more about Team Asha - Austin, check out:

Through all this, I had completely slacked off on deciding what my personal goals would be this season...but over the last couple of days, after doing some research and sorting out schedules, I have finally signed up for my next two major race targets.

I will be doing the San Antonio Rock and Roll Half-Marathon on November 16th this year. I will be doing this race purely for the heck of it! :) It's supposed to be a nice flat course and they are making it a Rock and Roll marathon for the first time this year! I also have a bunch of my gal pals who plan to do this - so it should be good fun! And it will be about half-way into my training for the full-marathon which I plan to do in Feb 09....

...The Mardi Gras Marathon in New Orleans, Louisiana! :) I was debating whether to do the Austin marathon again and finally decided not to because:

1. I have already done it before
2. I'd rather pace or cheer on the other Team Asha runners on that day
3. It's not the most fun's pretty nice for the first half with a good spectator crowd...and then things just dwindle down after that!

Why the Mardi Gras Marathon?
1. It will be 2 weeks before the Austin marathon - so will align with my training
2. It will be a new course - makes things more interesting, also supposed to be relatively flat
3. It's NEW ORLEANS!! IT's MARDI GRAS!! So why not?? :)

So that's that! The target has been set...the training will begin soon! And it should be good fun!

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Anonymous said...

Great to see an update on your webpage .... it's really nice to see an Indian gal and a tamil one at that taking part in triathlons .... i have long wanted to take part in one but been putting it off coz of the swimming leg .... but seeing u, i am more than ever encouraged to take part in one so have to thank u for the motivation .... *grin*

i was thinking of going for the phuket marathon next feb but now seriously considering the mardi gras marathon .....but it all depends on how bad typhoon Gustav affected new orleans ..... anyway will be waiting with bated breath for your next update ... *grin*