Thursday, September 04, 2008

Nike Human Race 10K - Austin

- Weather was HOT and HUMID
- Course was HILLY almost 60% of the race!
- T-shirt was a weird fit :p
- I had my worst 10K timing ever! :(

- 300,000 Runners running simultaneously all across the world
-15,000 Runners were running it in ATX - all adorning the same T-shirt!
- Austin was one of only 3 cities in the US besides LA and NYC to host the race
- Lance Armstrong and MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY were running it! :)
- Ran it with a group of friends - some doing their 1st ever 10K - which is always exciting!
- Awesome spectator support!
- It was my most fun 10k race ever in the end! :)

So the pluses definitely outweighed the minuses and I had a complete blast!


Anonymous said...

sooo how are things in Texas .... hope Ike didnt shake u up too badly ....

Charanya said...

Austin didnt even get one drop of rain - instead we got some amazing running weather! :)